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I INTRODUCTION                                                            1 - 8

What Is A Jazz Singer; Gender Issue?; Jazz In The University; Importance Of Piano; Rhythm;Swing Feel; Improvisation; Repertoire; Jazz Singing And Singers;

II INTERVALS, SCALES, & CHORDS                             9 - 23

Intervals; Scales; Enharmonics; Triads; Progressions; Diatonic Relationships; Modes; Ear Training; Exercises;

III WHERE ARE WE?                                                      24 - 33

Form; Sections; Bridgeless Standards; Bossa Nova; Rhythm Changes; Twelve Bar Blues; Four Bar Phrases; Examples;

IV DID YOU BRING YOUR CHARTS?                            34 - 48

Sitting In; Your Book; Casuals; Fake Books; Transposing; Chord Symbols; Key Signatures; Circle Of Fifths; Time Signatures; Signs And Terms;

V A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BLUES                           49 - 58

Beginnings; American Folksong; Harmonic Development; Modern Blues Form; Lowered Seventh; Substitution Chords; Jazz Blues Form; Blues Variations; Minor Blues; Rock & Roll;

VI IMPROVISATION ON THE BLUES                            59 - 77

Common Tones; Solfege; Scat Syllables; Blues Exercises; Modes & The Blues Form; Blue Notes; Blues Scale; Motives; Passing & Approach Notes; Building A Solo;

VII HARMONY IN JAZZ STANDARDS                          78 - 100

I-VI-II-V Progression; Turnarounds; II-V-I Progression; Tonal Centers; Parent Scales; Soloing Over II-V-I; Analysis: Prom Night Barbie, Lady Is A Tramp; Sub Chords In Turnarounds; Lady Is A Tramp bridge, Arpeggios; Step Down Progression; Text-Focused Improv; Shout Chorus; Exercises;

VIII INTROS, TAGS, AND CODAS                               101 - 111

Intros; Rootless Voicings; Counting Off A Tune; Tags; Tritone Substitution; Bossa Nova Codas;

IX ADVANCED IMPROV                                               112 - 135

Transcriptions; Vocalese; Upper Structure Chord Tones; Bebop Style; 7-3 & 9-5 Resolutions; Approach Notes; Bop Style Motives; Sideslipping; Sequences; Quotes; Using Modes; Analysis: Bossa Nova Harmony; Tonal Centers; Analysis: All The Things You Are;

X ALTERED CHORDS AND SCALES                          136 - 142

Altered Dominants; Altered Scales; Bebop Scales; Minor II-V-I; Upper Structure Piano Voicings; Altered Bop Motives; Phrasing;

XI YOU ARE FEELING VERY RELAXED…                 143 - 152

Relaxation Exercises; The Jaw And The Tongue; Breathing; Open Your Mouth and say 'Ah'; Support; Visualization; Singing Principles; Scatting Exercises;

XII I NEED A GIG!                                                        153 - 158

Where The Gigs Are; Who To Call; Equipment;

Glossary of Terms                                                      159 - 160

Discography                                                                161 - 162

Index                                                                            163 - 164


Jazz Vocal Techniques       







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